Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weight Loss & Getting Started!



                                                          Proverbs 16:3

3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.
One of my favorite sayings is so simple but true. "Begin, the rest is easy"
OK so getting started on something is not always easy BUT if you COMMIT to the Lord "He" will establish YOUR plans.  Think about that, if we rely on, trust in God then he will establish our plans.  In the Greek  establish means: a support that fixes,  plants down.  So if we commit "whatever" we do then God will give us support to be planted in our journey to get healthy.

I think the biggest reason people do not get started when they know they should is dread!
We build it up in our mind about how tough it will be & what you can't eat,  you are defeated before starting.
On the Pure Trim weight loss system you can have your chocolate & eat it too! Pure Trim is a healthy way to lose weight & not starve your self.  The Chocolate shakes along with the Truffles will satisfy your sweet tooth & stave off your cravings. 

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Over Coming Temptations when Dieting


John 16:33 

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
I really like to keep things in perspective & this verse really helps me.  I have been on a Journey to lose weight and get healthy many times but never with God at the helm, always by my doing.  I believe that is why I have never conquered the habitual eating that I had struggled with.  Notice how I mentioned "had", when I use past tense words I am speaking to my mountains (Mathew 21:21) and while maybe I haven't conquered them yet, I am well on my way.
Temptations always come in when you make a decision to eat healthy.  What You & I  MUST remember is that Jesus "overcame" the world, therefore surely you can say no to that brownie! I mean think about for one minute what that means.  Look at the world today, it's out of control with eating spending & lack of self control.  Do not be deceived one bite WILL cause destruction.  Your blood sugar will spike causing cravings shortly after that will completely derail you.  We all have Self-Control, we just need to exercise it.  Don't say "I can't help it", Yes you can!  You can do anything through Christ who strengthens you!  Activate your Faith & Believe.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

These Delicious little truffles give BIG results!  You can win the battle against cravings and lose weight when used with the Pure Trim system.  Each Pure Trim Truffle contains a time tested blend of 12 Mediterranean herbal ingredients like organic thyme, organic pomegranate, organic milk thistle, organic sage, and much more!  Each truffle is only 25 calories, Zero Sugar, Just 4 net carbs and like all Awareness Life Products they are Soy-free, Whey-free, Gluten-free,Aspartame-free, Sucrose-free, Glucomannan-free.

OK so you are probably wanting to know how they are used.  Most people start to get cravings around 1-2pm after lunch especially if it was a high Carb lunch (which I do not recommend)  You open that sweet little Truffle & chew it, then drink 2 glasses of water and you can say bye-bye to your cravings.  The second Truffle can be eaten a few hours after dinner, again followed by 2 glasses of water.

I speak from experience, I was once a professional snacker but NO more!  I am in control and when I hit my goal weight loss I will keep these little gems handy.

In 3.5 weeks I have lost 9lbs and gone down a pant size and best of all, I'm not starving or suffering through my weight loss journey.

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Don't wait another day, your health is too precious.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you getting what you need from your Vitamins?, a company that independently evaluates health and nutrition products found defects in 40% of vitamins they tested (about 21 brands were defective).  Some contained 2.5 times the amount of vitamins on the labels while others didn’t dissolve.  The bottom line is that pills must dissolve in the digestive tract before absorption can take place.  

Daily Complete has OVER 200 vitamins, minerals, organic fruits, vegetable ingredients, Antioxidants with Resveratrol & Acai berry , Enzymes, whole Superfood Green complex, Amino Acids, Essentail Fatty Acids Mediterranean Herb.  Not to mention 70% organic & raw so you really get what's on the label.  All of AwarenessLife products are Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Caffeine  & Whey free.  Just 1 once a day with less than 1 gram of sugar can get you feeling better and increased energy.

Janette Woodman, Independent Director for AwarenessLife

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Are you getting what you need from your Vitamins?? Our Daily
Complete is Super affordable and has OVER 200 vitamins,
 minerals, organic fruits, vegetable ingredients, antioxidants,
 enzymes. Not to mention 70% organic & Raw so you really get
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Monday, September 9, 2013

The average American spends 4 hours a day in front of a TV! Americans eat 335 more Calories A Day Than 30 Years Ago, Carbs Blamed.  Can you afford to wait another day?  At 47 I felt like I couldn't.  I tried a very popular Diet product only to spend hundreds of dollars and hit a plateau.  I was following the plan strictly and going to the gym & feeling hopeless.

Then I found Awarenesslife-Worldwide.  In just 8 days, I have lost 5.5 Lbs & an inch off my waste and I couldn't feel any better!  Don't wait my friend, make the change today.  As a Health Coach for Awarenesslife, I will walk with you every step of the way.  You might say, "I don't need to lose weight".  That's OK we are a WELLNESS Company with many products that are Organic, Raw, Vegetarian and are affordable because you will be inspired to eat healthier!

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Hi Friends for several months now I have been on a journey to improve my health and lose a few ponds that just don't seem to ever go away.  Despite dieting any hitting the gym, I felt stuck!  The ultimate plateau.  My Dr. lovingly told me that I should just except that it gets tougher to keep weight off as we age!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that remarks like that (even with good intentions)  just add fuel to ignite me into action.  I went to a health Seminar with Dr Marc on awarenneslife products & jumped in!  After 8 days I have lost 5.5lbs & 1inch off my waste, I love the products so much that I joined the Company.  All the products are Vegetarian & Organic & Raw!! PLUS I get to eat Chocolate & not starve :)  Message me for more information if you want to improve your overall health.  Visit my online store