Tuesday, September 24, 2013

These Delicious little truffles give BIG results!  You can win the battle against cravings and lose weight when used with the Pure Trim system.  Each Pure Trim Truffle contains a time tested blend of 12 Mediterranean herbal ingredients like organic thyme, organic pomegranate, organic milk thistle, organic sage, and much more!  Each truffle is only 25 calories, Zero Sugar, Just 4 net carbs and like all Awareness Life Products they are Soy-free, Whey-free, Gluten-free,Aspartame-free, Sucrose-free, Glucomannan-free.

OK so you are probably wanting to know how they are used.  Most people start to get cravings around 1-2pm after lunch especially if it was a high Carb lunch (which I do not recommend)  You open that sweet little Truffle & chew it, then drink 2 glasses of water and you can say bye-bye to your cravings.  The second Truffle can be eaten a few hours after dinner, again followed by 2 glasses of water.

I speak from experience, I was once a professional snacker but NO more!  I am in control and when I hit my goal weight loss I will keep these little gems handy.

In 3.5 weeks I have lost 9lbs and gone down a pant size and best of all, I'm not starving or suffering through my weight loss journey.

For more information on these amazing products, send me your email address and I will send you an informative DVD or send me your phone number and I will call to answer ALL your questions.

Don't wait another day, your health is too precious.

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